Schools project

We would like to invite schools in Cheshire to work with us in contributing events, projects or pupil work focused around the Festival theme of Sustainable Communities.

We have some funds to support schools with project materials, resources and with attending our festival-please get in touch through our page here


‘Sustainability’ is a term used to describe how we can fulfil our everyday needs without placing undue pressure on environments and natural resources.  These pressures include the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted through processes such as energy generation and industrial production, as well as the depletion of natural environments (e.g. forests, oceans), and threats to biodiversity.

However, ‘sustainability’ is about more than environmental concerns – there are also important social and economic dimensions that we need to consider.  These include matters of social justice and inclusion, access to education and healthcare, gender equality, good jobs and fair wages. 

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are seventeen globally agreed calls to action, comprised of 169 targets, spanning environmental, social and economic themes.  They are underpinned by the need for partnership and collaborative working across all parts of global society. 

Businesses and organisations are increasingly working to understand how and what they can contribute to tackling these challenges. There are a diverse range of job opportunities emerging, across a variety of sectors from renewable energy and conservation to marketing, finance and healthcare.

There is a role for everyone to play their part in creating a sustainable future!

Project Suggestions

Energy Efficiency

What are your ideas for alternative energy sources. What technologies should we be using? Tell us!

People: How Do We Need To Change?

Thinking about the place you live in, what changes do your think we need to make to cut down our carbon footprints? What are your ideas for designing your local community to make it more sustainable for bikes/walking/parks? Tell us!

Design a poster, create a storyboard, create a play, create and exhibition, make a business pitch.

Your Sustainability Pledge

What are 10 things you can do over the next year to be more sustainable? (Ideas: turn off lights, plant trees/wildflowers, recycle, save leftovers, save water, be good to worms, share a book, clean up litter) Tell us!

Project Ideas

Design a poster, create a storyboard, create a play, create an exhibition, make a business pitch.